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Pamela Hillman, Part 1, Testimony and Founder and President of LifeChangers Legacy, Radio Interview, part 1
Episode 10924th October 2021 • Faith City Outreach LLC • Marina Maria
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Pamela (Winderweedle) Hillman

Founder and President of LifeChangers Legacy,

“YouNiquely You” Upscale Resale, Health and Wellness Resource Center

Chebar Ministries Inc.

Author of 4-Phase “I See ME Free” Curriculum

And “See ME Free” from, “The Confrontation Within” book

Pamela is founder and president of LifeChangers

Legacy, “YouNiquely You” Upscale Resale, Health and Wellness Resource Center, Chebar

Ministries, Inc. The organization was birthed in 2012 as a result of

life-changing events in Pamela’s life, then others were added as she grew.


Pamela experienced many sexual abuses as a young

child, which caused her much shame and guilt, fear and confusion. She

discovered at age 9 that pot could numb that pain, but her depth of pain couldn’t

be quenched, as she continued to try harder drugs to ease the even greater

pains life continued to throw at her. After so many life-threatening

experiences, she tried to commit suicide at age 26, but instead, she had a

personal encounter with Jesus and she surrendered completely to Him. After this

divine encounter with Him, she had a visitation from an angel and was empowered

with the Holy Spirit.

After surrendering her all and serving Him for almost 2 years, she still could not get past

the “Past” issues and inner wounds and would relapse, even though she had such a

relentless desire to change. This lifestyle ultimately landed her in prison for 18 months, a

place she calls “My place of Solitude to come back to HIM”. She realized she had to find

out what was causing her to go back to the insidious addiction, even though she had

such a deep love for Jesus and to do right! Studying psychology, self-helps and

recovery books while in prison did not provide complete answers. The Lord spoke

to her in her cell one day and said, “The only thing that will change your old

mind-set is the Word of God, memorize a scripture a day”, and that is exactly what

she did. She discovered through being led by the Holy Spirit that she had to

face some deep issues and traumas of the past that were engraved in her soul,

(emotions, mind, and will) and had established the core belief systems that

created the behaviors and destructive lifestyle.


She experienced the true healing power of forgiveness and love when she forgave all

who had wronged her, even those who had tied her up, choked, raped and beat her,

and those who shot at her, those who betrayed and violated her sexually continually.

This was the deliverance tool needed to free her from the plaques of fear and guilt,

self-condemnation and the victim spirit, and to bring the lasting change as she came

to learn the strength in her true identity in Christ. The changes in her life, while in prison,

prompted her to start a class called “Daughters of Zion, Woman of God, using their time

wisely”. The ladies had such a desire to change but didn’t know how, and so

many had similar issues and childhood traumas. The Lord had Pamela in the

sanctification process for so many years prior to incarceration to help heal the wounds,

but it took being in her “College Campus of God’s Training Camp” to start the true

depths of change that only the Word of God can do. 


Pamela has been living a beautiful redeemed life free of any drugs or alcohol since Feb.

2010 and is now helping those struggling through the same challenges she had. As she

discovered that many classes on addictions did not truly heal the core issues of rooted

childhood traumas and belief systems, this program she developed does produce that

lasting change in countless people around the world today. She has now developed a

program to go back into the prisons where each inmate (returning citizen) has a

mentor on the outside to help ‘walk alongside’ the process of change through email

and video visits through the “I See ME Free” Incentive Mentorship Program to help them

heal to bring the true freedom with their new identity in Christ. She now lives the

mandate to breathe fresh hope and new life into anyone God brings across her path,

especially in her passion of mentoring, training and equipping those within the gates.

Speaking, writing, and discovering the truths of living in grace and love, and in the

freedom through living in her true identity in Christ Jesus is her quest in life now.


LifeChangers Legacy, Chebar Ministries, Inc. is designed to empower at-risk individuals

and within the prison system with the tools necessary in equipping and training them

to achieve personal spiritual growth in Christ, family restoration and coaching, financial

training and independence of good stewardship, and a grounded foundation of Truth

through our Therapeutic Interventions combined with Biblical Specialties Programs of

continuous education. Our goal is to help the whole person, mind, body, spirit, and soul

to live a Christ-centered life that builds confidence and dependence in God, so

they become a pillar to the community, contributing back and living their life

of purpose, on purpose and for God’s purposes.


Some Speaking Topics

Pamela (Winderweedle) Hillman has a powerful story of redemption in Christ Jesus that

God is using to help many all over the world to overcome difficult life

circumstances of limiting core beliefs due to traumas in their own lives. Learn

how the brain and health and wellness can help heal and change the brain and

past emotional wounds. Following are some messages Pamela shares with others to

direct to complete inner-healing and redemption in Christ Jesus for their lives.

Overcoming Childhood Wounds

Pamela was sexually abused by her father and two other adult men close to her family

starting at age 5. She was introduced to drugs at 9-years old by her stepfather. Her

pain of abuses led to a 35-year cocaine and alcohol addiction and a destructive

lifestyle with prostitution that landed her in prison for 18 months. She was raped many

other times in this circle of people also. In this session Pamela shares what she learned

that allowed her to gain freedom and healing from those who were the source of her

pain and she helps anyone who has had to live with the secrets of abuse gain true

lasting freedom. Pamela helps the audience understand the role core belief systems

play in the filters of perception living out childhood wounds and what must be done to

change destructive mindsets.

The Power of Forgiveness

Pamela shares several experiences in the journey she went through that allowed her to

extend genuine forgiveness and pray for salvation for her perpetrators to

receive forgiveness as well. Pamela’s story of forgiveness is a powerful

example of how far the grace of God can go to forgive the worst offender. She

helps the audience understand the processes of forgiveness and the benefits to

the one who has been offended. She helps you understand the tactics of the

enemy of offence also.

Understanding Spiritual Warfare and the Power of the Word of God

Pamela credits the Word of God for giving her the lasting true freedom from her past

lifestyles and allowing her to take back ground that the devil had taken from her life.

She reveals in this talk the process by which she adopted a pattern of scripture

memory and applying the Word to prayer. She went through many years of studying

self-helps, recovery, and psychology books, but shares how the Word of God and the

power of the Holy Spirit was the ultimate healer and transformational agent for her. She

reveals the role spiritual warfare plays in gaining true freedom. She reveals the role

spiritually grounded mentors and intercessors play in gaining victory. She also shares

many personal stories of warfare she experienced while in the drug world and in prison,

and the victories that were gained through in the lives of so many other women and

men through her transformation.

Reclaiming Your Health

Pamela was given up for death on different occasions by many doctors due to many

horrific accidents and the slow suicide she was encountering due to the amounts

of drugs and alcohol she was consuming to numb the pain of all the abuses. She

was put on the hospital critical ward for those who were about to die due to a

failed liver with only 6 months to live. After being thrown out then back in a

windshield, she was molded in a body cast and told she would be in a wheelchair,

with a hair-line slice to her esophagus her neck was sliced up in many places. They

would not even give her a mirror to see the “hamburger meat” face the accident

had done to her. She was shot at and the bullets made a complete circle around

her and not one bullet hit her. From a broken back and neck, to a liver

destroyed, there are many other miraculous stories she tells. Pamela refused to

believe this was her fate. The seeds of her devout Christian grandma’s words

rang within her and she shares the stories of God’s protective forces that she

would encounter often that were around her. 

Pamela shares her powerful story of healing and how she applied the Word

of God to her circumstance and health. Later, after taking a medical exam to

get insurance for herself, a doctor called her and said, “I thought you might

want to know this”…thinking it was something horrible, he followed with, “You

are one of one percentage of the American’s with 100% health.” Only God could

have done such a miracle.


Helping the Disenfranchised

She shares the current condition of the prison system and what is required to

change the current recidivism rate (those who return to prison within 3yrs) from

more than 75% to 8%, which is the rate for faith-based programs. She has

developed a 4-Phase “I See ME Free” Incentive Mentorship Program with the

Therapeutic Interventions of the TREM Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model,

Cognitive Behavior, Stages of Change, Critical and Criminal Thinking combined

with Biblical Specialties, where each person is provided a mentor that

“Walks-Along-Side” each “Student” for a full year in prison through email and

video visit with tools to provide necessary to become successful within the

community.  Technical and “Professionally You” Business, Gifts and Talents, and much

more, training when they are released.

She has also created a “YouNiquely You” Upscale Resale Thrift Store and Resource

Center at 3707 Canton Hwy. Cumming, GA 30041. Proceeds go to our LifeChangers

Legacy Programs to help those within the prisons change old mindsets while

still in the prisons to be better prepared for the transition back into

society. She has experienced through the many evidence based protocols she has

suggested to those coming off drugs and those coming out of the prison system

that it must start with the health and wellness of the brain and body in order

to better heal the mind and emotions and the body as a whole.

Pamela has many Certifications in many areas of Counseling and has discovered it

takes 2 years to truly gain ground in the healing process and be renewed in the mind to

be launched onto the path God has called them to. Pamela often visits and

speaks at many prisons and will travel wherever God calls her. She is in 40+

prisons in Uganda and Kenya also and has mentors mentoring from all over the

world. A cross pollinating, 2-edged sword effect. She also provides “Prayer”, “Faith”,

“I AM”, and “Anointing” sheets for individuals around the world to download

free on the website that are helpful tools for healing and to those who want to

learn more about using the Word of God to overcome destructive life patterns

and bring healing and prosperity into their hearts and lives.


Chebar Ministries, Inc.

A 501(c)3 Non-profit organization

"YouNiquely You" 

Upscale Resale Thrift Store

3707 Canton Hwy 

Cumming, Ga 30040



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