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Mutant City Blues (AP 2/2) w/ Rachel Gold and Shana Hausman
Episode 218th October 2022 • Team-Up Moves • Fiona Hopkins and Stephanie Burt
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It’s the second half of our actual play of Mutant City Blues by Robin D. Laws (@RobinDLaws) and Gareth Hanrahan (@mytholder), published by Pelgrane Press. Our three investigators from LICK, Inc. have headed to Leos, a café in VR Heights, to track down Kerrigan Park. They found suspicious payments to Ms. Park’s B*Spoke shop on a thumb drive owned by the late Carson Davis.

Content Warning: Swearing. PC uses emotion control powers on NPCs. Descriptions of an entitled, possessive dude taking the end of a relationship badly.

Find out more about the game:

This month we’re also including selections from We Are Mermaids, Stephanie’s new book of poetry, published by Graywolf Press! Listen at the end of the show for a reading.

The Cast

Rachel Gold (she/they, @RachelGold) — Micah Nichols

Shana Hausman (they/them, @shanajeanh) — Aubergine

Stephanie Burt (she/her, @accommodatingly) — Clarissa Marlowe

Fiona Hopkins (she/her, @fionawhim) — Game Moderator

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