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038 : How understanding homeschooling can help you in your classroom with Dr. Maelisa Hall
18th September 2017 • Education On Fire - Sharing creative and inspiring learning in our schools • Mark Taylor
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Dr. Maelisa Hall shares her experiences of traditional education and homeschooling. We discuss how the personalised learning available at home can be used to positive effect in the classroom.

Having met Maelisa at Podcast Movement in California during August, we chatted about our respective podcasts. I thought Maelisa’s understanding of both school and homeschool would make an interesting conversation in my season 3 ‘What do children think about their schooling?’ I have been talking to children currently in school, but talking to an adult with a mixture of schooling experiences gave a different perspective.

On the podcast we talk about the positives of both options, how flexibility became very important for their family and how the understanding of personalised learning can benefit children.

Community plays a big part in our learning, so does our family. Discussing these issues brings up some very interesting ideas that you can implement in your own school or classroom.

Maelisa has a new podcast launching in October 2017 called My Biz Bestie about how having a biz bestie and support system can increase your profits!

You can find her on twitter at @HallMaelisa


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