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(Ep. 38) The Future of Regenerative Therapies with Dr. Carolyn Flannary
Episode 3821st February 2021 • FLOWE • Kelly Kennedy
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On this weeks episode of The Beats, Kelly Kennedy has a captivating conversation with Dr. Carolyn Flannary.

Carolyn was previously a successful orthodontist, but when two of her closest friends told her they are ready to leave this world because of chronic illness, she decided to close her orthodontist practice and go on an “all out” mission to find answers for them that no one else has been able to offer. In a period of 3 years attending over 24 medical conferences, Dr. Carolyn Flanary came to the realization that she should open a facility to provide access and relief to the people who cry themselves to sleep each night because no one can provide answers for their chronic illness.

Thus Oxygenated Regenerative Therapies in San Antonio, Texas was born.

Here her and her business partner Joy provide a myriad of therapeutic services such as;

*Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Low to Mid-Range)

* SoftWave Therapy (Tissue Regenerative Technology)

* IMAET (Advanced Stress Relief) – quantum biofeedback technology

* BEMER (Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Frequencies for Microcirculation)

* TruLight Full Spectrum InfraRed (photo-energetic therapy)

* Ion Cleanse (Ionic Footbath for Detoxification)

* Clear Mind (photo/sound therapy) neurofeedback

* Bio-Modulation (pain reduction bioenergetic therapy)

During this conversation, Carolyn shares with us some of the miracles and results that she has seen using these therapeutic devices. While sharing with us the ground breaking technology that has elicited such amazing results.

Kelly and Carolyn definitely break some barriers in this one, folks.

Topics Discussed||

0:00 | Introduction

3:07 | How Carolyn got into what she is doing today

5:50 | How Hyperbaric oxygen changed Carolyn’s approach

6:30 | why Hyperbaric Chambers work

9:40 | We all have areas that have inadequate amounts of oxygen, but when we add oxygen back to the body we see amazing results

10:37 | Story of a 12 year old girl who was in a terrible accident, her  before and after condition from being at Carolyn’s Center

13:45 | Story of woman who had an apoxic event and her results from coming to Carolyn

16:50 | Carolyn introduces the amazing technology of IMAET

21:10 | Love is the answer

25:50 | The body talks through frequencies

27:25 | TRT software, frequency technology stimulation of stem cells

30:25 | Oxygen, stem cells, parasympathetic, infrared water, PEMF, the keys to healing

31: 54 | What do we mean by - everything is a frequency?

35:05 | The amazing capabilities of IMAET

37:05 | What is the quantum field capable of?

44:07 | How could something not show up in the blood work, but show in your frequency?

52: 22 | A virus is a frequency, not a living thing


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