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Why Community Building is my Number One Goal for Q2
Episode 6812th April 2023 • Unapologetically Unstoppable • Jeanette Peterson
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Your network will help you grow a business, make money and help The Kingdom of God. When you focus on your strengths and connect with skilled women, your impact, time, and productivity multiply. Join Jeanette as she tells you why her focus for Q2 is COMMUNITY, why it should be yours too, and where to join a community for Jesus-loving female business owners and home-schooling moms. 

You don't have to do it all, and most likely you don't want to. You can build relationships with those who are skilled in other parts of business, and collaborate for a bigger purpose. Not only when you are looking to delegate the tasks that you don't enjoy, but also to cultivate collective energy, fellowship, and a sense of belonging; because collectively, you can achieve bigger goals, build bigger businesses, and make a bigger impact in the world, for the Kingdom of God. 

In this episode:

  • Why building a community is important
  • How can a community help you grow and achieve goals
  • THE community for Jesus-loving female business owners, and home-schooling moms. 

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Hey girl, hey, oh my gosh is already like almost the middle of q2 Like what is happening? Okay, so the middle is the middle of the first week second week of q2, let's be real. Okay, so what are you doing to plan for q2? Do you plan for q2? I know that's something that I have been thinking about: what my intentionality is for q2, what I'm going to be doing, how I'm going to do it for q1, q1, my intention was to podcast three times a week. That was it, I can only do one thing, because if I put too much stuff on my plate, I'm not gonna be able to do it. So q1 was a podcast three times a week. And I think that I did it. I think that there were some issues. I, you know, was going through some things, whatever, but it worked. I'm doing it and it's being consistent. And I love it. I've got a podcast editor, and she's amazing. And she helps me out with so much over the podcast rooms, Gabby, and I don't have to worry about anything anymore. I was very stressed out about having to do all the things myself. And I am so glad that I found her actually, she kind of found me, she kind of found me. I would say that was a good thing. God brought her into my life. And it's been working out great. I'm so glad I found it. But now for Q2, there's some things that I want to refocus on. I created this totally like BTS behind the scenes episode, I'm just gonna be talking about me, and I'm sorry. So if you don't want to listen to me, then I'm sorry, I'm not really sorry. I'm just gonna tell you what I'm doing in my business. So maybe it will help you because I find it very helpful to hear when people are actually doing their business and how they're doing it. So that way, I'm like, Oh, God, this person is either more successful or less successful than me. And I'm like, Oh, I can learn either what to do or what not to do. So hopefully, this helps. I don't know, this does help, please let me know, because I like doing these. But I feel kind of like selfish doing it, because it's about me, but it's not really about me. Anyways. So in Q1, that's all I was focused on. I made a course. I made a couple of freebies and I liked sharing them but I didn't really like signing them. I wouldn't say that I launched anything. I would say that I was creating, finding my focus and doing that. q2 Though my new focus for q2 is building a community 100% I want to know people. That's one of my favorite things. Oh, my favorite thing is encouraging people. I'm for sure to be an encourager and for to hooking people up with other people that I know who also do cool things like me through and saying, go hang out with Gabby and get her to launch a podcast. I'm not saying that because I want a cut or anything like that. It's because she's actually awesome. I'm using her. She's amazing. She loves Jesus, go use her. I'm not gonna watch your podcast for you. I'm just not going to do that. Do I know how? Yes. But you'd have to pay me a lot of money, like a lot, a lot a lot of money because I hate doing it. So unless you want to pay me like $3,000 an hour. I'm just kidding. But I'm just saying I'm not. I would say no, I just wouldn't do it. It's not even worth $3,000 an hour to me, because I don't like it that much. I really don't like it that much. But I want to find people who are doing things who have things that they're running and doing and hooking people up with them. Hey, do you know anybody that runs a retreat? Yes, I do. She's amazing. Go to this retreat. Do you know anybody that builds websites on WordPress, I think this girl is amazing. Go use her. She's gonna visit her website. Do you know anybody that builds funnels? I do. Go use her. She's amazing. Like, that's all I want to do is find people who are doing great things and hook them up with other people who want to do great things to like, let's all like let's have this big circle. I'm not saying like, let's be communists, I'm saying like, Let's pay each other to do things that we don't want to do and or are not capable of doing or not good at doing them. Right. I think that's how the world should work. I'm not good at cooking. So I don't do that. My husband is very good at cooking. So he doesn't most of the time. Right? And he loves it. He enjoys it, I find it to be soul sucking, he finds it to be life giving. So find somebody who's life giving and trade those services. That's why I want to be a part of the community so that way I have people not just like in my back pocket. But these amazing Christian women entrepreneurs who are also building businesses, for Jesus, right? Like that's, that's the vase what we're doing, we're trying to be a piece of him on the earth, right? So as long as I know, these entrepreneurs are doing the same thing with the same mindset as me. Let's go y'all let's frickin go because I want everybody to be out here, slaying the devil and getting money. Like why is that such a bad thing? Sometimes I think that the Christians think that making money is a bad thing. Money is a tool. If I'm just going to be using a computer to do things, computers aren't bad. They just are. You know what I mean, I can use computers for bad. I can go to jail looking at a computer. I know people who have gone to jail for using a computer but I'm not using it Good or bad, I'm using it for good, right? So use, use money for good, tithe, give money away, support, the ministry support all of that. And there's nothing wrong with making a lot of it. Because without money, we can't send missionaries anywhere. I'm saying, like, I just want you to, like have that that frame of mind when I'm talking about doing these things, because that's where I'm coming from. I'm coming from a, if we don't make money, we can't do the things for the Kingdom. I don't want money so that way I can have a Ferrari. That's not even my dream. But I think for me, I want money. So that way I can be the hands and feet of Jesus and do the things that he wants me to do. They need money to do that. You know what I'm saying? That's all I'm saying. Because it doesn't have to be like this big drawn out long thing about we shouldn't have money because Jesus didn't have money. That's great. Jesus, I'm not Jesus. I want to be more like Jesus, but also they were prophets. How do you think they got all their money, some of the people had money, like Matthew, Matthew had a lot of money, he was a tax collector. He turned down all this stuff then turned to Jesus and was using money the right way, he was now being a steward of the gifts that were given him, because he could do all those things with money in numbers, you know what I'm saying? I'm gonna say, do what you were supposed to be doing before Jesus. If you're really good at baking, bake the best cakes, the best, whatever's make money to give it to Jesus. Or maybe somebody needs some, some baked goods for something, do that. Do that. Have that. Make your business your ministry. That's really what I'm saying. Make your business your ministry. And so, q2, my main focus is growing the community. Because I want a community of believers and fierce devil slaying women, prayer warriors, that are unapologetic about who they're made to be. And they are the unstoppable force to slay the devil to do the things you're made to do for the Kingdom. And just a wreck face. I know some of these words don't make sense. But you know what? You feel my heart. You feel where I'm at. Okay. So let's do it. Let's do it. I don't know if you listen to the podcast consistently or not. But I did make an episode A while back about Facebook groups. I made one y'all it Facebook group. It's called u kingdom. Unapologetically unsolvable kingdom, because that's a long word. There's a long phrase, it's a u u kingdom, okay? And join it because I want people to be in it to slay the devil. I don't know what it's going to be. I don't know. I just know that God told me to make it. And you know what, that's all I'm doing. Honestly, that's my main focus. Listen to what God says. Do what he says. And do well. And don't go fast. Take your time, do it at his pace, which is really slow for me, honestly, because I don't know if you can tell I talk really fast because I like to do a lot of things and like, put a lot of things in my schedule. I like to be back to back. But I like to be filled with stuff. I just enjoy that. That's fun for me. So going slow, is very hard for me. It's kind of hard for me to talk slow to be honest with you. I do a lot of audiobooks, and I do audiobooks on like two times speed. I haven't listened to one today. But when I do listen to them on two times speed, I started talking and two times speed. And I just realized that I have probably been talking at two times speed. Sorry. But you know what? It's because I get pumped up about Jesus I get pumped about about being like an executor, which is an encourager for Jesus, I get pumped up about, like so pumped up about women in business. I don't know why. But that is like my jam. Every time somebody is talking about their kids. I'm like, that's cool. But when they talk about their business, I'm like, oh, please tell me. What are you doing in the business? What about this? What about this? Oh, wow, that's amazing. Let's do this together. Let's do this. Whoa, whoa, I just can't stop talking about business is anything because I like making money. I just like the process. That's what I'm obsessed with. I'm obsessed with the process of creating a business from building. That's what I'm obsessed with. I'm obsessed with the building of things. And once it's built on my God, it's fine. I'm out, but I really like building things. I really like that. I really like helping people build things. I like helping people think about things to build and how to build them more successfully and having the good foundations and having all the things you need, especially for a digital business, like your website and like just different pieces right and doesn't have to be overly complicated and it doesn't have to have like 15 million parts. We can do this simple, easy for non techies. But if you want to be techie, we can go there too.

I just want aren't really, really hardcore Christian women in my community that I can lean on what I need a prayer and understand me and a business perspective. And now if you're a homeschool mom and you're a business owner, and you love Jesus, I mean we need to be best friends, okay? We just need to be best friends. But if you're two out of the three, let's go hook up, girl. Let's hook up