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FHR #018 Yin Yoga, Love, Daily Rituals & Peace in Peru with Susan Rae
Episode 1828th August 2020 • Freedom Hack Radio • Bryce Robertson
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  • Susan is a certified Yin yoga teacher
  • She is also a Reiki healer and works with essential oils
  • They discuss changing your career mid-life and following your dream
  • They also cover the power of yin yoga and what it does to the body


  • Susan is a RYT 100 certified yoga teacher - and a Yin specialist
  • She is also a reiki healer and a specialist in chakra and meridian theory
  • She works to harness positive qualities within others and believes that health manifests by how you engage with the world 
  • Susan lives from the heart and today she has most gratitude for her family gratitude today 
  • When Susan worked in corporate life she was a VP of business development
  • She got to a point in life where she was questioning her place; doing all the right things but didn’t feel ‘right’ 
  • So she made radical decisions an ended her 13 year marriage and she had to have a lot of courage to do this as it upset both families
  • Afterwards she did a lot of travel around the world and at 32 years old she called it her mid life gap year 
  • She got into yoga at the time and the act of going internal and letting go of external was her medicine
  • Yin yoga - seeing your self internally in situations and giving yourself the space to react vs respond 
  • This helped expand her relationships and deeper communication with others and attract deeper relationships
  • Susan also stresses that any yoga practice is a good one - just give it a go
  • She works with people after their main workout as the muscles cool - targeting lower body to create a stretch
  • By doing a bend you’re manipulating the spine and spinal fluid and chakras sit within spine 
  • The spine is perceived as the alter to your practice
  • By doing the movement and twist you’re rinsing the spine and creating space so that the energy can flow
  • Treating people through yoga - she sends positive reiki to someone and then the ‘downloads’ will come back to show what's going on in their body
  • By using reiki to see what's wrong with people before hand she can form a diagnosis and then create a custom essential oil scent to help them heal
  • Susan’s daily rituals include coffee, meditation and yin yoga style
  • In her meditation she’s bringing awareness from crown of head to bottom of spine by focusing on each chakra
  • Susan is hosting an event 3rd-12th in Peru called Peace in Peru