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271. That Sucked, Now What? Neeta Bhushan on Overcoming Hardships, Motherhood + The True Meaning Of Resilience
Episode 27131st January 2023 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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As part of the human experience we are sometimes faced with terrible moments in life so gut-wrenching it seems as though we may never find happiness again. Can you relate? Oftentimes, if viewed through the right lens, beautiful opportunities can arise from horrible tragedies.

Join Natalie for this heart-filled conversation with Neeta Bhushan, author of the new book, That Sucked. Now What? The title says it all about what Neeta is sharing with the world – her wisdom and insight on getting over the hard moments in life, of which, she’s overcome many.

But it wasn’t all bad – all the time, which is part of what makes her story so unique. At a young age, Neeta made her way through dental school and grew a successful practice. She had it all, until she realized she didn’t. If you’re struggling with the “sucky” moments in life or navigating major change, this is the episode for you – we can all learn from her honesty and deep personal insight.

  • How motherhood changed Neeta’s definition of being “tough” after losing her mother, brother, and father all before she turned 19.
  • The day her life shattered in a million pieces – and how she used “The Bounce Factor” to pick them back up. 
  • How to practice leaning into discomfort to build resilience (so when the big things happen, they won’t seem so big).

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