19: How Podcasting Opened Doors to Building a Brand
Episode 1925th April 2022 • Entrepreneurs On Podcasting • Cliff Duvernois
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In this episode, Corey Harris & Julie Traxler, co-founders of SB PACE and co-hosts of the top-rated business podcast, “BizQuik,” share their experiences about the similarities between Fortune 500’s and small businesses, why seeking expert advice for your podcast is nothing to be ashamed of, why perfection is impossible in podcasting, and how they were able to transform a breaking point into a breakthrough.  

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Show Notes: 

  • The benevolent brainchild of the pandemic (01:42)
  • Bridging the gap between the Fortune 500 and small businesses (03:18)
  • The A-word you need in order to grow your business: ADAPT  (07:03)
  • How Julie and Corey accidentally got a radio show (08:34)
  • Powering through the nerve-racking leap from podcasting to doing a live radio show (11:26)
  • How going in blindly into the IG Reels trend paid off (13:12)
  • Why some things need to be left to the experts (17:03)
  • Why mistakes are an inevitable part of growing (19:28)
  • How podcasts allowed Corey and Julie to experiment with their business (20:16)
  • The tea behind having “famous” guests on your podcast (20:57)
  • Why filler words are fine and perfection is not realistic (23:18)
  • The secret to becoming a better interviewer (24:25)
  • Winning big with “small” wins (27:40)
  • How a breaking point turned into a breakthrough (29:41)
  • Why you won’t always find support where you expect it the most from (33:42)
  • When in doubt: ask an expert (34:30)