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Building Brand with Unreasonable Hospitality featuring Will Guidara
Episode 6012th October 2023 • Brand Story • Steve Gilman
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When Will Guidara took over Eleven Madison Park, it didn’t have a Michelin star to its name. But through a mix of genuine care, creativity, and a bit of unreasonable hospitality, the restaurant has held three Michelin stars since 2012 and was ranked number one on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. In this episode, Will shares his career journey and the valuable lessons he’s learned in both leadership and brand experience, and how industries of all kinds can embrace unreasonable hospitality in their operations.

This is Brand Story, a podcast celebrating the stories of real people who are making an impact on brands, business, and the world around them. Episodes feature guests from a variety of backgrounds who bring their own unique perspectives to the conversation.

Brand Story is created and produced by Gravity Group, a full-service brand and marketing agency, and is hosted by Gravity Group President, Steve Gilman.

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(00:00) Will Guidara - Self-imposed Standards Cannot Impede Giving Joy

(00:29) Introduction - Will Guidara

(02:45) Growing up in an Environment of Hospitality

(06:36) Leadership - Identify Why Your Work Matters, and Share That With Those Around You

(13:04) Will's Strategy, Being Unreasonable in the Pursuit of People

(19:54) Making Moments of Fleeting Brilliance Part of the Fabric of Your Organization

(26:15) Generosity can be Your Best Marketing

(28:31) Communicating Through Stories Exponentially Increases Your Reach

(31:50) Turning the Meal Check Into a Memorable Story

(37:19) 95-5 Rule in Running a Business

(41:37) Be as Unreasonable in Pursuit of People as You Are Your Products



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