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The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place - tridocpodcast EPISODE 71, 30th July 2021
Ep. 71: Steroid injections for injury/TJ Tollakson

Ep. 71: Steroid injections for injury/TJ Tollakson

In this episode:

No one wants to get an injury as an athlete let alone be faced with a prolonged period of recovery before being able to return training. For this reason, those with injuries, especially of the chronic kind, are always looking for ways to hasten the healing process and get back to it. On this episode I begin a series of segments looking at the evidence for or against some of the more popular treatments that athletes may turn to. The first one I will examine is the use of steroid injections. Are they helpful? Can they cause harm? Who should consider them? Plus, a conversation with recently retired professional triathlete and the entrepreneur behind Dimond Bikes, TJ Tollakson.


[05:53]- Steroids for injury

[19:33]- TJ Tollakson


Dimond Bikes YouTube videos on the history of beam bikes: https://youtu.be/rKqTnuhAVZw

Dimond Bikes

Red Crown Cycling