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Christians ✝️, Depression 😞, and Suicide ☠️ | What to Do When Your Faith Fails...
14th October 2021 • Thriving on Purpose Podcast • Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard
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It’s one of the most taboo subjects in the Church: depression and suicide among believers.

And yet, statistics show that the numbers concerning depression and suicide in the church are alarmingly high - similar to secular numbers.

Unfortunately, the church, rather than being a place of healing for those who suffer, can become a place of judgement.

And, often, when pastors do speak up about depression, it may be to perpetuate the falsehood that “real Christians” do not get depressed. This adds sad upon sad.

In this broadcast, I discuss the following:

  • Depression statistics
  • My personal story and struggle with depression
  • People from the Bible and Church history who fought depression
  • Causes of Depression in Believers
  • False religious beliefs about depression
  • Useful ways to overcome depression
  • Encouraging Bible passages, and much, much more!

I pray this important teaching will bless you and enable to overcome in Jesus' Name!

Remember: Sharing is Caring... and could save lives!


Sebastien Richard