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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 115, 3rd October 2019
Email Marketing for the Documentary Filmmaker
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Email Marketing for the Documentary Filmmaker

What if there was a viable way for the independent documentary filmmaker to build and sustain an audience to support your doc films for the duration of your career?  And what if there was a straight forward way that you, the doc filmmaker, could do it without having to break the bank on marketing and promotion costs for your films?

Meet Nathan Barry, self-made entrepreneur, doc filmmaker, and founder & CEO of ConvertKit, one of the most used email marketing services by creatives around the world. It is both Nathan’s belief and his passion that email marketing can be one of the most effective means for garnering and keeping fans for your doc films for many years to come. And he’s on today’s show to tell you why he believes this to be the case and how you, #doclifer, can best use email marketing for your doc filmmaking endeavours!


Topics Discussed

  • why and how email marketing can and should be a critical part of the doc filmmaker’s life
  • tips for the doc filmmaker to build out their email list
  • tips for an effective email marketing campaign for the doc filmmaker
  • how automation in your email marketing can keep things interesting and fresh as you garner new subscribers and market to certain audiences for your film
  • how email allows a doc filmmaker to have an audience for their doc films


Additional Resources

A clip from Nathan Barry’s documentary, I Am a Blogger



To view the entire doc series, #doclifers can go to, I Am a Blogger.



As a thank you to listeners of the show, you can get a free copy of the I Am a Blogger book! To download or read the book, simply GO HERE.



View a demo to find out if ConvertKit might be the sensible fit for your doc filmmaking email marketing needs



Think you might be ready for some serious audience building & engagement? To get serious about a sustainable way to live the life of a doc filmmaker and make films that a ready-made audience will be eager to see? Then email marketing may be just the thing for you! Try CONVERTKIT today!

And for listeners of the show, ConvertKit has offered a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL (normally it’s 14 days). Personally, I can’t say enough about the effectiveness of a proper email marketing solution for independent doc filmmakers.



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