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Ep. 12 Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness, with Sarah Griffith Lund
Episode 127th June 2021 • Psalms for the Spirit • Kiran Young Wimberly
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Today's guest is Sarah Griffith Lund, a minister and author who has focused her life's work on breaking the silence about mental illness. With her generous and gracious spirit, Sarah talks me through the stark realities of mental illness today, made even more extreme because of the pandemic, and how the themes of the Psalms speak to that life experience shared by so many. In our conversation, we talk about walking through the valley of the shadow of mental illness, sitting at table with mental illness, and finding ways to speak into the silence about mental illness. I felt grateful for Sarah's gentle but firm reminder that we simply cannot stay silent when lives are at stake.

*There is some heavy content in this episode, so please do ensure that you have proper supports in place if needed.

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