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The Reserve Tank - International Motorcycle Shows EPISODE 10, 7th April 2021
Roundtable with Justin Dawes, Cycle World, & Adam Waheed, Motorcyclist
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Roundtable with Justin Dawes, Cycle World, & Adam Waheed, Motorcyclist

Welcome back to the Reserve Tank, where we talk about all things motorcycling. We are joined by esteemed guests, Executive Editor for Cycle World, Justin Dawes, and Senior Editor for Motorcyclist Magazine, Adam Waheed.

They join host, Sam Bendall, to talk about the upcoming trends you can look forward to in motorcycling, what they're most looking forward to riding this year, and where you might want to spend your stimulus checks, if you haven't already spent it.

"If I was running a motorcycle company, I wouldn't expect the sales speeds to be break-neck like they are now. I would expect them to trail off a little bit, but overall, I really, really hope it does keep going. I mean, more people, bringing more people, telling more people, telling more people...Hopefully we can keep that going. I really want to see the industry grow again.” 

Justin and Adam also answer some of your listener questions that you asked on our social channels, and play another round of the Reserve Tank Rapid-Fire This or That game, leaving the goal of "rapid" much to be desired. Listen on to hear if your questions made the cut!