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What's Buzzing with Hive?
Episode 7112th September 2022 • Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency • McIntosh
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The Hive blockchain has been around for quite a while and I have never discussed it on the GWC podcast. It's not a chain that I know a lot about, but what I do know is intriguing. Recently I contacted Brian of London about coming on the show and he was gracious enough to do so. We had a great conversation about Hive in general and his work developing Podping and the V4V app.

News and Links


Hive Apps

Hive Smart Contracts

Brian of London's Hive Blog

Brian's PeakD account

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V4V App


Podping Source Code

Poolin Mining Pool

Russia Legalizes Crypto for International trade.

Fideltity offering trading for retail customers in November

Coinbase Backing Lawsuit against US Treasury

UK Freezing Gas and Electricity Prices

UK Striving to be Crypto Hub

Climate and Energy Implications of Crypto-Assets in the United States

Optifi Shutdown

Nigeria and Binance in Talks about Digital Economy

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