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Ep 98: Share Your Seller Schedule: Full-Time TpT (Part-Time Hours) with Melissa Martinez
Episode 983rd October 2022 • School of Sellers • Erin Waters, teacher seller tips
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As teacher sellers, we are constantly juggling all the things. Many of us are working hard to balance being in the classroom, growing our business, and being the best parent and/or spouse that we can be, all while taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. 

It can be really helpful to hear from full-time TpT sellers to get an idea of how they manage their time. That’s why today we are continuing our “share your seller schedule” series with a guest who can offer some insight on managing business and kids.! 

We’re joined by Melissa Martinez who is here to share about her experience running her full-time business, while also being a full-time parent. All you parents out there know that’s not an easy task! The best part? Although she is a full-time TpT seller, she only works part-time hours (about 4 hours a day to be exact).

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