Shaping Your Case for Success with Dan Sharkey
Episode 1511th February 2022 • The Litigation War Room • Maxwell Goss
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On this episode, Maxwell Goss speaks with Daniel Sharkey, a supply chain litigation attorney who has been ranked by Super Lawyers as a top 10 lawyer in the state of Michigan.

Dan discusses an automotive case in which he helped his client achieve a great result by shaping the factual record long before a lawsuit was filed. Along the way, Dan offers great insights on counseling business clients and strategically positioning a case for success from start to finish.


“There’s a classic risk-return tradeoff. You can’t go nuts about every potential risk or you’d never leave your porch. But at the same time, there’s a tradeoff there. And when you see a client who is biting off a huge potential risk, we have a duty at least a flag it, make them aware of it, and say, ‘You can sign it, but this is what you are getting into.’”

-Dan Sharkey


  • 00:19 – Introduction
  • 01:14 – Dan Sharkey's trial experience as a JAG attorney
  • 02:25 – More about Dan and his law practice
  • 04:32 – Auto supply chain litigation
  • 06:49 – Thoughts on the supply chain crisis
  • 11:24 – The value a seasoned litigator can add at the contract stage
  • 13:02 – The Bilstein case
  • 23:02 – Thoughts on contract negotiation
  • 27:36 – Dan's advice for setting the table for a dispute
  • 30:51 – Where to find Dan Sharkey online


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