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Ep. 5 Javier Saade, Led $30B SBIC Program
Episode 52nd March 2020 • Investors & Operators • 51 Labs
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Javier Saade is Founder & Managing Partner of Impact Master Holdings which works with insightful people and dynamic companies building a better future. He is also Venture Partner at Fenway Summer, a VC firm that has backed 50+ companies innovating at the intersection of finance & technology. He serves as board member on several prominent companies and previously led the $30B Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) program, a growth capital fund capitalizing >300 PE, VC and structured debt limited partnerships investing in 1000s of businesses, including via a $1B Impact Investment Fund.


- His life from operations management at a pharmaceutical company to leading a $30 billion SBIC program to a respected entrepreneur, investor and board member 

- Traits of successful entrepreneurs 

- What he learned from his first business failure

- His superpower 

- The SBIC Program and the issue of diversity and inclusion in business 

- The importance of storytelling for GPs and entrepreneurs 

- His advice to the 25-year-old version of himself

- His “Why”

- Doing things differently and doing things that make him feel uncomfortable 

- How to be an effective board member and what not to do

- Consensus building




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