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Have I told you about the time I started a podcast?
Trailer17th October 2022 • Confessions of an Aging Ingenue • Jenni Tooley
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Soon I will have done it all!

  • Made an indie feature film- yep!
  • Played alongside Ethan Hawke in a Golden Globe Winner- yep!
  • Wrote & produced music for a film- yep!
  • Started a 55-gallon freshwater tropical fish aquarium- yep!
  • Visited Russia- yep!
  • Wore a teeny-bikini while surfing in Costa Rica- yep!
  • Moved to a new town- sight unseen- yep!
  • Found myself in the rooms of Al-Anon-yep!
  • Got to be backstage at ACL- yep!
  • Made friends with a 5-year-old...twice-yep!
  • Restarted my life...once...twice...three times...yep!yep!yep!

Oh, so many stories from all areas of life! Can't wait to share them with you! Here we go!

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