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Ep 146: Strength training to improve endurance performance?/Couples' therapist Kayla Crane
Episode 14631st May 2024 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • Dr. Jeff Sankoff
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In this episode:

Strength training is advocated for by coaches all the time in order to mitigate injury and improve endurance performance but finding scientific evidence to support these claims has been difficult. A new study gives some insight on the performance aspect and we look at it in the Medical Mailbag. Triathletes can take their selfish pursuit to extremes and put their relationships at risk. Couples' therapist Dr. Kayla Crane speaks with me to help us understand how to get ahead of those kinds of problems and make sure that your pursuit of happiness in multisport does not run afoul of your partner's pursuit of happiness on the home front.


[13:35]- Medical Mailbag: Strength to improve running performance?

[40:33]- Interview: Kayla Crane


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