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Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (AECS)
Episode 1129th February 2024 • Natural Capital • Farm Advisory Service
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Are you looking for funding for projects to promote conservation and tackle climate change? In this episode of Natural Capital we discuss Scotland's Agri-Environment and Climate Scheme (AECS). AECS is the main mechanism used to support farmers wanting to implement sustainable land management practices such as improving water quality, managing flood risk or mitigating and adapting to climate change. We discuss what AECS has to offer with consultants Dr Paul Chapman and Alex Pirie to find out everything about AECS, how to apply and the opportunities it presents to create, restore and enhance natural capital assets.  

Host Rachel Smillie, Producer Iain Boyd, Executive Producer Kerry Hammond, Editor Ross Mackenzie 

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 What is AECS and how it has developed 2:26 – 11:16  

Alternative funding and collaboration 11:17 – 15:17 

The application process 15:18 – 19:20  

What’s included in this year's AECS 19:21 - 26:08 

Deadlines, useful info and advice for new applicants 30:28 - 35:07 




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