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Marriage help - Listener email - Struggles and a path to reconciliation
Episode 2656th November 2023 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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Welcome back to another episode of Man Vs Marriage the podcast!

Today we proudly engage our audience with another episode of LISTENER EMAIL!

The struggle is real Y'all! Jeanne and I are certainly NO stranger to the difficulties and pitfalls that can be created in marriage. In todays episode we read an email from a Jack that has made some mistakes in his relationship, those mistakes and misunderstandings led to a 9 year period of hard feelings, disconnect, and painful emotional struggle.

I am deeply appreciative of each of you who listen AND the appreciation runs even deeper level of appreciation when you the listener summon the courage to email us and ask for our input, offer your thoughts and give us your thoughts.

It's moments like these emails that give Jeanne and I the opportunity to reflect on where we have been, draw on that experience and hopefully provide some perspective that helps us all move forward in a productive way.

Alright you mighty men and women lets get into this gig!




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