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Dismantling Family Privilege // with Nicole Rodgers of Family Story
Episode 6021st June 2024 • Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them • Carmelita Tiu
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In this episode, Carmelita welcomes Nicole from Family Story to discuss the concept of family privilege and the importance of broadening our understanding of what constitutes a family. Together, they explore the societal, cultural, and policy implications of adhering to a narrow definition of family and offer practical advice for raising children to be accepting and inclusive.

Highlights and Next Steps:

- Challenge assumptions about family structures in your daily life.

- Introduce diverse family representations in media and books to your children.

- Use inclusive language when discussing families.

- Get involved with community organizations that support diverse family structures.

- Advocate for inclusive policies that recognize all types of families.

Guest Spotlight:

Nicole Rodgers is the Founder and Executive Director of Family Story, an organization founded in 2015 to address and dismantle family privilege in America and create cultural and political strategies to advance equity for all types of families. Nicole is an entrepreneur, an author, a futurist (sometimes), and an expert on the changing family, who specializes in communications and research in the public interest.

Connect with Nicole Rodgers and Family Story Project

  • Instagram: @familystoryproj
  • X: @familystoryproj or @nsrodgers

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