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Reinvent Yourself at Any Age with Patricia van Essche
Episode 47116th May 2024 • Plan Simple with Mia Moran • Mia Moran
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“Motivation is great, but habits begin with taking action.”

–Patricia van Essche

You deserve to be fully present. Yes, even if you are parenting or caretaking for aging parents. I asked Patricia van Essche, pilates instructor and artist, about why we might want to check out pilates during perimenopause. Her response is about more than exercise.

Let’s start with exercise. If you are looking for a 10-minute workout, pilates is not it — but it still might be for you. We have so many things promised to us in short bursts of time, but some things (most things) take longer. Pilates can help your back and your posture. The breathwork is powerful and beneficial for the body.

Patricia also talks about community and connection with pilates — and the power of showing up for yourself. We look at how to start a habit, how Patricia’s clients managed to start a habit with pilates — even juggling a lot and needing 50 minutes for a class.

We talk about: 

  • How parenting shifts but doesn’t end as you kids get older even into adulthood
  • Writing down the thing you want to do and your plan
  • How habits start with action and how we start slow and build
  • Having somebody hold space for your commitment 
  • Reinventing yourself at any age
  • Setting aside time each week for the things you want in your life


PVE is a bon vivant as well as an accomplished artist and illustrator. Whether it be a portrait, house or lively scene, her colorful, effervescent images are always fresh and whimsical. PVE perfectly captures "Artful Living" a well lived and celebrated lifestyle.

From her hilltop studio aerie, Patricia van Essche, better known to her clients, fans and followers as PVE, creates illustrations and art pieces which depict a celebrated lifestyle of colorful and chic homes, pets, events and more. Whimsical, lively illustrations are the centerpiece of PVE’s artistry; which includes capturing favorite moments and images; design collaborations; creative commissions; enthusiastic consulting with entrepreneurs… and blogging about it all. Call on PVE to add art, color, beauty to your life and turn an image of what you love into a commissioned work of art to be cherished always.

PVE was born in Louisville, Kentucky into a talented, entrepreneurial family which led her to attend the University of Cincinnati’s renowned College of Design, Architecture and Art where she studied Fashion Design. PVE was drawn to live in Manhattan and traveled the world as a designer and design director for fashion’s elite Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Liz Claiborne brands. 

PVE debuted PVE Design, a showplace for her own art, inspiration, and creativity. As an accomplished artist and illustrator, she has worked for numerous private commissions as well as with exclusive clients including J. McLaughlin, Secrets Gourmet, The Park Avenue Fund, The Princess Grace Foundation and Lava Barre. PVE lives in Westchester County, New York.  PVE is devoted to living artfully.  PVE is currently teaching Pilates at Club Pilates in Ardsley and Scarsdale. Patricia inspires others to find the joy of art and wellness.



At the end of every episode, we share three doable changes, so you can take what you've heard and put it into action. Action is where change happens.

Even though we want big change, it’s really little things done over and over that make the difference. So pick a doable thing. Put it in your calendar. Weave it through your days for a week and then move on to the next one. It will have a snowball effect.

Here are three Doable Changes from this conversation:

  • DECIDE WHEN TO WORK OUT. If you want to build an exercise habit, start by deciding when you like to work out. Do you want to get it done first thing in the morning? Would your lunch break work best? Once you choose the time, block it off in your calendar. If you are going to take a class, book the class.
  • WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU WANT. Get really clear about what you want. Write it down. That came up more than once in this conversation. Whatever challenge you want to tackle — lose weight, read a book, become a Pilates instructor, create more art — make a list. Write it down.
  • SET THE TIME FOR WHAT YOU WANT FIRST. I asked Patricia how she juggles it all. She sets aside a certain number of hours for pilates and a certain number for her artwork. What things do you want time for in your life? How much time do you want to give them? Choose. Block of the time. Show up for yourself.





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