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354 - Behind The Membership: Baking For Business
Episode 35410th May 2022 • Membership Geeks Podcast with Mike Morrison & Callie Willows • Membership Geeks
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With more businesses migrating online, how do you give yourself an edge?

Amanda Schonberg, a chef and marketing enthusiast, shares the answer to that question in this informative episode. She’s not just a skilled baker, she’s also passionate about generating sales and taking her business to new heights. And it looks like she’s cracked the code.

In the spirit of community, she’s gone on to teach fellow bakers how to strike that balance between craft and business with her own membership – The Entrepreneur Community.

In this episode, we hear about Amanda’s inspiring membership journey —the highs, lows, and everything in between.

Essential Learning Points:

  • How Amanda uses 4 Cs to offer value to her members
  • Amanda’s transition from working a business partnership to sole proprietorship
  • Why serving before selling works
  • How to use fun to create engagement
  • The importance of combining creativity with business skills

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Key Quotes:

I always emphasize a community of competition, we reach one by teaching one, so we strive to help each other out.”

“Answering questions is one of the biggest things that attracts people because once you help them a little, they want to see what else they can learn.”

“I believe that as creatives, we can't run a business successfully if we don't have that business background pushing us.”