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Eckhart Boehme from Unipro Solutions talks about ‘Jobs to Be Done’ & his Original Framework
Episode 2312th January 2022 • Be Customer Led • Bill Staikos
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Jobs to Be Done, aka JTBD, is a concept of consumer action that describes the mechanisms that cause a consumer to adopt innovation. Our guest today has done some fascinating innovations based on this concept, developing his own framework to make this concept more clear and straightforward. Eckhart Boehme, the founder and managing director of Unipro Solutions, joins us today to talk about what this concept is all about and how organizations can improve themselves using this concept. 

[01:00] Career Journey – Eckhart shares with us his professional journey in several roles, including his long tenure at Microsoft as well as starting his own company.

[02:29] Jobs To Be Done – Eckhart explains what the JTBD concept is about and how his framework makes this concept clear and straightforward.

[06:20] Solving Problems – We dive into the tools that come with Eckhart’s framework and the problems these tools were able to solve for his clients.

[07:57] Customer Progress Design – The five steps of customer progress design and what’s involved in implementing each step.

[12:15] Customer Interviews – Eckhart shares with us some of the interesting learnings from interviewing customers and what they think of the process.

[15:00] Selecting the Right Team – How to select the ideal people to have the most impact and to be able to create the best outcome.

[20:15] Customer Experience and Strategy – How businesses can connect the customer experience to their business strategy.

[25:39] Inspiration – We asked Eckhart about what inspires him, and he shares numerous streams of inspiration he has in his life that our listeners can make use of as well.


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