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“Human Mind Is Bad at Seeing Things It Doesn’t Expect to See”
Episode 125th October 2021 • Business Games • Business Games Ltd
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What is Business Games, and what's in it for you? Who is it for? What is our promise?

Next week, I'll introduce Season One—but in this episode, I introduce the full concept of this educational podcast + newsletter series where we apply game theory to business, to help you make better decisions under uncertainty.


  1. Welcome to! Business Games! [00:06]
  2. The Target Audience: Who Is It For? Who Is the Hero of This Journey? [01:10]
  3. The Genesis: A Prologue [04:17]
  4. What's in a Name? Business Games, Decoded [09:22]
  5. What to Expect from the Structure of the Seasons? How I Analyse and Learn and Why This Is Relevant? [18:48]
  6. My Promise to You + What I Ask from You [28:25]
  7. The Upcoming Seasons [37:26]
  8. The Homework [40:55]
  9. The Disclaimer [44:38]

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