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Creating a Workplace that Works with Dr. Sonali Kinra
Episode 608th December 2020 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Dr Sonali Kinra joins us in this episode to discuss why people leave their jobs and how to prevent it from happening. We talk about the importance of culture in the workplace and its role in creating an environment that makes people want to stay.

Episode Highlights

[05:12] Why Good People Leave

  • The GMC report ‘Caring for Doctors, Caring for Patients’ discusses the ABC of well-being  - autonomy, belonging and competence.
  • Attrition happens at transition periods.

[07:48] What Culture Is and How to Create One in Stressful Jobs

  • A good workplace culture includes good communication, engagement, transparency and a feeling that we are in it together. It makes a job doable.
  • Support your colleagues.

[12:08] How Culture Helps in Coping with Workload

  • Culture impacts how the workload is shared.
  • Communicate your struggles to find an effective or efficient way to do things. 

[18:12] Sonali’s Advice to Keep People in Their Jobs

  • Her top advice is to cultivate a friendly and inclusive culture.
  • Create ways for people to access coaching.
  • Look into broadening your horizons to attract people into the profession. 

[26:08] Strength Finding and Job Crafting

  • Look into your strengths as individuals and as a team.
  • Make the job fit the person and not the other way around.
  • Be inclusive.

[37:44] Top Tips for Organisations and Professionals

  • For organizations: Communicate, be transparent, and don’t leave anyone behind. 
  • For individuals: Consider coaching to talk about your career.
  • Ask the organization about building a job around you.

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