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Following Your Strengths to Your Zone of Genius with Katya Nicholas
Episode 2320th April 2021 • The Feminine Lens™ • Sonya Stattmann
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While I am all for leading with our strengths, I think it is also super important to learn how to care for them, too. Just because we have a natural gift for something doesn’t mean we can ride it into the ground. We have to find ways to recharge, even when we are doing work that comes more naturally to us!

To expand on a wonderful month of conversations about strengths & genius, in this episode I’m chatting with Brilliance Strategist Katya Nicholas about how to follow your strengths to your zone of genius. 

Katya and I talk about how she uses Clifton Strengths with her clients, why our superpowers can also give us blindspots, and how we can create an unshakeable belief in ourselves and our talents.

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