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90. Are you ready for this "cracking" episode?
29th November 2023 • Transforma tu inglés profesional • Daniel Smith
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Welcome to Episode 90 of the TRANSFORMA TU INGLÉS PROFESIONAL podcast!

I'm your host Daniel Smith.

Today we have an amazing show lined up for you and by the end of it you will:

  • understand why Alastair and I were so confused when we heard the expression: "Es un crack"
  • learn why "cracking" is an alternative to the word "amazing"
  • know why someone can be "crackers"
  • learn that "crackers" are GREAT with cheese
  • And understand the ins and outs about "Christmas Crackers"!

This podcast helps you push your business English communication skills to the next level so that you can grow professionally and achieve your international career goals!