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Ep03: How To Validate Your Big Book Idea
Episode 36th February 2024 • The Publish To Impact Podcast • Blake de Vos
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Welcome to another episode of The Publish To Impact Podcast! In this episode, we're going deep into your book idea and how you can position your concept into a powerful book.

This episode covers all things validation, focusing on your knowledge as a way to validate you idea. To know you're on winning book concept, you're going to need to validate your genre of your idea, and the idea itself.

Tune in and listen to the steps required to validate your winning book idea in preparation of mapping out your manuscript.

Find out how I validated my Publish To Impact book concept as I show you the way forward to writing your book!


I love hearing from you and helping you make an impact with your book. If you have any questions, please reach out by commenting on this episode or through socials below! Otherwise, feel free to download a copy of Publish To Impact or see how we can work together.

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Ep 3: How To Validate Your Book Idea


[00:01:12] So where does your book fit in the market? And the second step is idea validation. This is mapping out your book idea and that's a three-step process.


[00:01:57] If so, this is awesome because you know, that that idea is validated. A good example would be writing a book in a genre that's been proven. For example, business, marketing, cooking, personal development, those genres have an established market with readers, looking for something new, a bad example. You might be thinking of creating your own niche or genre or writing a book that no one is searching for. It's really crucial to set yourself apart in the idea and not necessarily the genre. You want to make it as easy as possible for your reader to pick up and read your book.


[00:02:54] Uh, sneaky ways to also look at the also bought section under Amazon. So when you look for a book on Amazon, There are sections below the book description of customers who have purchased these books and there are related to the current book that, that you're scrolling on. So looking at the reviews and the also bought section under Amazon is another powerful way to really establish if there's already an existing market for your book idea.


[00:03:42] So. A good example. Digital marketing strategies to help small businesses. Another example, marketing strategies and ideas to help organizations. Do you notice a difference between the two? One is more specific than the other example, one digital marketing strategies to help small businesses.


[00:04:29] The third aspect of genre validation is having a book that is low barrier to entry. Does your book make learning accessible? What I mean by that is are you providing a book for your reader, which makes it easy for them to learn and take action, because after all you are taking, you read up on a transformational journey throughout that book and are solving their problems. Also when it comes to having a low barrier to entry book. Are there people who can benefit from your book? Are there groups out there who are looking to have their problems solved by reading? You can establish this in your own network. You might have a Facebook group where you can send out your idea or an email list where you can promote your idea. You want to choose a niche that you're experienced in, for instance, if you have a background in online business, Writing a book about how to build an online business can open more doors for you and you can make more of an impact with that book. And writing will kind of a lot easier to you than you think.


[00:05:46] I looked at the market willing to buy it, and it was personal and professional growth through writing publishing and launching a non-fiction book. What about the barrier to entry? The barrier to entry. I set up my book, which had practical guidance showing that it is possible for anyone with expertise to write a book so they can pick up my book and realize how possible it is. Because if I gave them a book that was super hard and challenging to understand then it's highly unlikely. It would make a big of an impact as I wanted it to have. Now let's switch to validating your idea. There are three steps to validating your idea. Step one, you need to find clarity in your idea. Step two. You need to look at the structure of your book. Step three, you need to understand how you are solving your reader's problem. Idea validation is all about connecting your idea to your reader. So ask yourself, what expertise do you have? What programs or services can help with your book? What problems do you solve for others? What about the transformations you've undertaken? and what were the results of those? transformations?


[00:07:42] So my book is much about the process as it is about the outcome. That's the message I'm trying to convey in my idea to the radar.


[00:08:01] and imagine how your idea fits in with that type of structure you want to write. Are you going to have a few parts with a lot of easy to read chapters or maybe it's strictly only chapter book. Published to impact is set up in three parts. It's. Writing your book, it's publishing your book, then it's launching your book.


[00:09:28] Now at this stage of the episode, I know, you're probably wondering. how you can come up with the right idea. And it's a fair question to ask because. Those questions I asked of you before, Which were. what do you love to talk about? How can you help someone? What problems can you solve for others? Do you offer any programs or services? Those are really important questions to answer, because once you've answered those questions, you can then use those responses and start testing your book idea out. You can test your book idea out in many ways


[00:10:28] Fill in those gaps that other books haven't addressed, and that way you can deliver maximum impact to your reader. You can also test your idea by re-purposing content. If you're a business owner, you will likely have content created


[00:10:58] So consider thinking about those three. Addressing a pain point, writing a guide and repurposing your current content.


[00:11:22] So, when do you know is the right time to move forward from your idea? You're ready to move forward when you can answer these questions. Am I passionate about my idea? Is my book likely to succeed? under the definition of my own success. . Will I address the reader's pain points and solve their problems? How am I going to test my concept with an audience?


[00:12:08] Let's now recap what we've spoken about in this episode when it comes to genre and idea validation.. We first looked at what it means to have a good book idea. To have a good book idea. Your book idea needs to have an already existing market. Confirmation that the market's willing to buy your book. And a low barrier to entry.


[00:12:33] The first step was to find clarity in your idea, you're connecting your idea to your reader. And this is where you ask yourself about the expertise you have and the problem that you can solve for others and the transformations that you have undertaken originally.


[00:12:55] So that's when you consider the message, you're trying to send the reader, the problem you're trying to solve and why you're writing your book. We then looked at the structure of your book. So what is your structure? Is it going to be a, how to, is it going to be a memoir, Maybe it's interview style. A really good way to nail this is to think about what you. enjoy reading and ask yourself. Is this the type of book I want to write.


[00:13:40] So to end this episode, I want you to let you know that when it comes to idea and genre validation, It's really about establishing what your reader wants and using your expertise. to solve their problem in a transformational simple way from beginning to end. So when do you move forward from your idea? You can move forward. After you've asked yourself, am I passionate about my idea is my book likely to succeed? And will I address the pain points and solve the Raiders problems.


[00:14:30] Now, that's all we have time for today. I hope this episode really helps in getting you clear on what it takes to validate your idea and position your book in a genre. That's going to be really powerful not only to make an impact in your professional life. But in your personal life as well, because a book is a really powerful experience. So if you have a book idea and you want to chat about it, reach out to me on Instagram at Blake underscore divorce, it's available in the show notes. You can have a look there, but also Kate believing that a Bookie's possible. because it is