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Episode 5 - The Board's Role in Strategy and Risk
Episode 516th March 2021 • Let's Talk Governance • Grower Group Alliance
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Episode 05 - The Board's Role in Strategy and Risk

Duration: 0:41:06

0:00:00 Introduction

0:02:00 Welcome Peter

0:02:06 What are the key board responsibilities for developing strategy in a NFP organisation? 

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0:08:29 What are the key ingredients of a successful strategy?

0:13:07 How often should the strategic plan be reviewed?

0:15:57 Why do so many organisations fail to deliver on strategy?

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0:21:53 What are the different responsibilities of the board and management for risk?

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0:30:05 What are the key tools and processes for managing risk?

0:35:20 Network Question: How do Executive Officers ensure that sufficient time is spent on strategy and planning when their boards are community people with other priorities?

0:40:08 Wrap-up