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Based on ND Stevenson's graphic novel, Nimona started life with Blue Sky Studios, and when Blue Sky was acquired by Disney in its purchase of 20th Century Fox, originally Nimona's production continued.

When Disney officially cancelled Nimona, it came as no surprise to the team working on the movie. While officially the reasons for cancellation were financial, rumours swirled that Disney didn't like the LGBTQ themes, and opposed a same-sex kiss.

But Nimona, and the crew behind the movie, refused to give up, and thanks to Annapurna Pictures and Netflix, Nimona was reborn.

Nimona is more than a character. Nimona is the story of the making of this movie. Nimona is the scrappy underdog who refuses to back down from a fight. Nimona refuses to let a corporate entity subdue her and control her. Nimona might fall down, but Nimona will get back up again, and she will prove all her doubters wrong.

And now Nimona is an Oscar nominated movie... take that, Disney.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Nimona !



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