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Supply Chain Now - Supply Chain Now EPISODE 683, 19th July 2021
Advancing Sustainability at Goodyear Through A Commitment to Team Excellence
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Advancing Sustainability at Goodyear Through A Commitment to Team Excellence

When Goodyear’s customers call for supply chain sustainability, they want the company to prioritize sustainable materials, zero emissions, and processes that emphasize circularity. But they also want Goodyear to demonstrate stewardship of more than what happens inside their own four walls. They want the company to be able to trace products, not just from tier one suppliers, but all the way through the supply chain, to tier 2, 3, and 4 suppliers. The challenge may be substantial, but if the team is willing there is nothing they cannot achieve.In this episode, Hosts Scott Luton and Billy Taylor, AME Board Member and CEO and President of LinkedXL, are Joined by special guest Ellis Jones, Global VP EHS&S at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. With Supply Chain Now Host Scott Luton representing the voice of a live audience, Ellis and Billy share stories and experiences from their time working together at Goodyear, including:

 - How companies can balance the benefits of management systems with the need employees have to feel secure in their positions

 - Why it is important for everyone on the team, from the bottom to the top, to buy into a unique and common definition of ‘winning’

 - The critical importance of having both visibility and traceability if a supply chain is to become more sustainable

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