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113. Jacqueline Harounian- Family and Couple Relationships
Episode 11321st October 2019 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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In this episode, Lance and Jacqueline Harounian took a peek behind the curtain of what it is like being a top female family and divorce attorney in New York. Jacqueline spoke about her experiences about the different types of parenting and how much it had changed from what it is now, with all the digital media, and to what it was before social media. She also shared her knowledge about Family Law and Divorce; what it is all about, factors involved in it, statistics and etc. Lastly, Jacqueline gave tips on how to achieve a balance between personal life to family and everything else. 


Jacqueline answered, “No matter how low things seem at the moment, it will pass. It’s just temporary.” 


  • [00:08:15] Parenting: then and now
  • [00:15:00] What is Family law
  • [00:17:25] Biggest factor in divorce or break ups
  • [00:23:15] Divorce rate now
  • [00:33:00] Changes from belief system 
  • [00:35:02] How to achieve balance
  • [00:37:55] Where to find Jacqueline

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