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SWP #11 – Work Stretching Programs with Bryan McWhorter
15th July 2019 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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In this episode of Safety With Purpose we are talking to Bryan McWhorter about creating work stretching programs for our teams and workplaces.

Podcast Transcript:

[00:08]                                    All right. Welcome to Safety With Purpose. Thank you very much for joining you. Safety Sherpas out there. You are doing the heavy lifting. You are living that noble cause you’re guiding us up from Kern, his backpack full of knowledge, helping us keep us safe as we climbed this mountain. Thank you very much. We’re going to be talking about workplace stretching programs in this episode of safety with purpose. So let’s get going. We have no time to lose. All right. Thank you very much again, always nice to have you guys here and, and be a part of safety with purpose because this platform is about you guys. I’m gonna keeping you safe and having the knowledge that you need to be safe and get your home at a, at night family, friends, all of that fun stuff. And thank you very much. So before we get going, I’ll want to just sort of start it off with the tailgate, tailgate talk number one.

[00:54]                                    All right, now this is Safeopedia This particular one I actually went through as a owner of a business and an industrial maintenance business. And, uh, so I was, uh, driving to a client, received a call and one of my employees actually, uh, passed away, died. Uh, and, and there is a topic specific to that while out on Safety With and it’s under guides and then sudden cardiac arrest. Do you know the facts? And here is a document that, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a pretty challenging, uh, event for any companies and, and anybody around it. And here is a document that pretty much addresses it. This is a stat that I did not know and it’s, uh, uh, according to the United States, an estimated 326,000 deaths each year from sudden cardiac arrest and, and, and like this, this young man just boom, that was it. And, um, it was sad.

[02:00]                                    There’s nothing that can be done, but here’s a document that is specific to sudden cardiac arrest and it’s out on Safeopedia under guides. So, uh, you know, download it, make it happen, find out more, be prepared. Number two. Now this is near and dear to my heart too, as well as I transitioned from that first topic. Here it is, uh, it is out on free webinars. Once again, it’s brought to you by a gentleman by the name of Andrew Barrett, right? And it’s a learned to super high leverage skills in EHS and a that is coaching and selling environmental health and safety, right? Coaching and selling and the topics that he includes in this particular free Webinar, three Webinar on demand. So you don’t even have, I mean, you could do it now, do it. You could do it. You’ve could have done it yesterday is a why somebody mean of us are barking up the wrong tree.

[02:56]                                    That’s one topic. Those, uh, the objection to what is going on, uh, to talk about and, and so on. And uh, I think it’s fantastic. It’s a fantastic, I haven’t had a chance yet, but I’m going to listen to it and it’s on demand. It’s free. It’s all ready to go. So, uh, that is what we’re going to be talking about now on to Bryan McWhorter, Mr Mads safety skill guy, uh, workplace stretching programs. Now this is sort of in line with some of the other topics we were talking about. You just got to get up, move. Now, are they effective? Bryan’s going to be talking a little bit about that and thank you once again for joining safety with purpose. We’re going to get right into it. Here’s Bryan McWhorter talking a little bit about work place stretching programs. All right, we’re with Bryan McWhorter. We’re going to be talking about are workplace stretching programs effective? I’ve never been a part of an organization that had a workplace stretching program. I want to hear what you have to say, Bryan and all the listeners want to know if that’s effective. Okay.

[04:00]                                    Oh, thanks God. It’s a topic that’s getting a lot of attention here lately. The interesting thing is, um, from a data standpoint or sedi standpoint, there’s not a lot of verification that’s work. Stretching programs are effective. That being said, they’re still OSHA and other organizations are putting a lot of attention on it. Uh, hopefully that it will help with muscle, skeletal disorders and just an aging workforce. Give you an idea of the, the magnitude of this. According to OSHA, 30% of nonfatal occupational injuries are MSDS or muscles, skeletal disorders. And they, uh, I think that a cost of somewhere around $20 billion annually. Then the CPC as put together that by the year 2020, about 25% of our workforce will be over the age of 50, 55.

[04:55]                                    I’d be in one, I’d be in one sort of, it is what it is. Can’t stop the hands of time. So let me ask you this now, if I’m a company and that data is sort of out there and I’m looking at it, um, have you had or come across any companies that said, okay, we’re going to do it. How do you do that? How do you find that individual that says, okay, let’s do the stretching program?

[05:21]                                    A great question. And it’s Kinda funny. I, my judgment is often horribly wrong. And when a go back to my days as a safety manager for that large glass factory I worked in, which was about 500 employees, the management team suggested that we started a stretching program. [inaudible] I told them that would not work, you know, it’s not gonna fly. We had someone come in, which was a, a a a physical therapists and working with a mainly work environments. And so he taught basic stretches to us. And sure enough people started doing them before work and I would catch people after the breaks doing basic stretches. Then, um, for half of 2017 and all of 2018 I worked as a safety manager for different company where every morning at six o’clock, every location they had eight different locations. We distract us. So for the last year and a half, I led stretches.

[06:14]                                    Uh, it was about five minutes stretch and everybody really, it was fine. Uh, people, uh, accepted it as a normal. So we would do our stretches and I’d give a brief safety talk, any announcements for it for the day. So it became a great way to start the day. Yeah. Can you trust him with, again, the aging workforce and you look at all the attention given to to ergonomics. It’s just something that really a, we’re giving a lot of attention to, hoping that it will help. But the interesting thing too is it makes sense to us. You Watch your, your pet cat or dog after a long nap, the first thing they do is young and yawn and stretch. It’s called [inaudible]. When you yawn, you take down particular, that’s our big word for the day.

[07:04]                                    I have my pockets of knowledge I can drop on yet. Yeah. Particularly Appendix [inaudible]. Uh, when they on, you’re taking in oxygen and stretching. While it makes sense, when you sleep, your heart rates drops from around a rough to either, some were below a hundred beats per minute. A two, a good athlete, it can drop as low as 40 beats. Your muscles when you wake up are cold and stiff. Oh, you’re, you’re blessable s oxygenated. So it makes sense that you’re going to scratch and work in a movement. You take any athlete before doing any of gross IX explosive type workout, they’re going to do some stretching to warm up their muscles. So if you’re working in construction or manufacturing, you’re anything with any type of movement, it makes sense to do some stretching. Can I go back to that company with um, eight different locations where I was leading the stretching, talking to their safety director that handled them?

[07:58]                                    Yeah, for all the locations. And I asked him, I go, did you notice a difference when you guys implement a stretching? Was there a reduction in MSD injuries? It was definitely because it dropped significantly. Attributed it to, again, the stretching program, and I’ll just be candid here. If they’re not injured and if they’re doing the stretching, they’re more productive. Just by virtue of over the weekend I’m applying more time to what I’m doing and probably greater focus. All of that. Yeah, there’s no harm. There’s no downside. There isn’t. So you managers and directors out there, there’s no downside from Bryan. There is no downside. And also also we did a podcast that was specific to deaths. Job’s killing you. Is your desk job killing you? That’s an w that’s another important one. But this one, what we’re talking about is sort of expands beyond the desk.

[08:50]                                    It’s sort of more of a, a companywide type of an initiative, is that right? Yeah. And absolutely. Again, it comes down to Yo, we are healthier when we move. So again, stretching is a good idea in the end. It doesn’t have to be prolonged as matter of fact, you don’t want it to be, you’re not preparing to run a marathon or do a gymnastics routine, you’re just getting, your muscles weren’t bad. So I suggest that again, they use a fiscal therapist or have someone design a stretching program that meets the needs for their environment. Well, very good. That is Bryan McWhorter. And we’re talking a little bit about the stretching programs. I don’t think that there’s any downside here. No downside. I have

[09:34]                                    driven nat lag in the ground. No downside. So you have an article on this, right? Yes. And it’s far more extensive than this particular podcast, right?

[09:45]                                    Yeah. So they can go to that yellow, more inflammation. So you with purpose, go out there and safety se with get that article, other links and uh, you know, implement a dot con stretching program because you’ll be healthier, you’ll be more productive, your company will improve. I am making that claim right here. Bryan. Thank you very much. Excellent job. Enjoyed the conversation and we’re going to keep on going because safety is important for everybody. So thank you very much for joining the safety with purpose podcast. We’ll talk. So as an industrial professional myself, I was always passionate about sales, marketing, Brandi expanding the marketplace for my company. That’s what Ian Dust, real talk platform is all about. It’s about you, the industrial company, the industrial professional and your legacy, increasing sales, gaining greater exposure on what you do and how you and your company changes the world. Go out to that’s Contact me, let’s have a conversation to see how we can work with you on improving your bottom line and that you can be a part of an ever-growing network of industrial companies focused on expanding and growing and leaving a legacy. I hope to hear from you soon and be safe out there.

[11:28]                                    All right. Once again, thank you very much for joining safety with purpose podcast a. This platform, as I’ve said, a number of time is dedicated to you. If you have any interest whatsoever to be on this podcast, just reach out to us. We would be more than happy to talk to you and see what we can do. Uh, it is, it’s effective. You have a story to share, you are changing the world and we want to be able to provide a platform for you that does exactly that because you know there’s, there’s no shortcuts with safety. It’s all about the other bringing them home safely. Thank you very much for your noble purpose. And once again, you need a topic, a talk about safety related safe [inaudible] dot com I guarantee it, look around, you’ll find a topic to talk to. You. Talk to your crew out in the field, uh, in house. It’s all there. It’s all what, what, what was that? Oh yes, it’s free. So anyway, go out there and if you are interested in creating more sales, more opportunities to get that message out. Industrial is the place for you. Okay, good. Thank you. Thank you to Bryan McWhorter. Great topic, workplace stretching, and thank you for everybody joining a safety with purpose. Uh, you’d be safe out. There it is. Uh, do not cut corners. Be Safe. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day. And we will talk again.

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