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Get Your Emails Delivered (And Avoid The Spam Folder) With Adrian Savage
Episode 7024th February 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Having your emails end up in the dreaded spam folder is the main thing we ALL want to avoid, right?

After all, if they go into your subscribers spam, it’s likely they won’t get opened…and that sucks.

So, is there a sure-fire way in which we can avoid this happening, or do we just have to hope and pray for the best?

Adrian Savage, Founder and creator of Deliverability Dashboard and email deliverability wizard (it’s true) is here to tell us about all of the things we need to be doing, in order to stay clear of the spam folder as much as possible.

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Episode Content

  • (02:09) Two lies and a truth – these are awesome!
  • (03:45) No one wants to end up in the bin. How do we avoid it?
  • (05:16) Like most things in life, it’s not always that straight-forward, but why?
  • (06:39) If someone tells you this one thing….run away from them.
  • (07:20) What has changed in the last few years with deliverability?
  • (08:24) The “good old days” of email marketing.
  • (09:13) What should we be doing to increase engagement?
  • (10:49) Adrian can double your open rate in 3 seconds.
  • (12:28) You really need to keep on top of this if you want your engagement to stay tip-top.
  • (13:00) Replies and forwards are nice…but how much do they really help?
  • (15:07) Do you email everyone in your list? If so, you need to listen to this. 
  • (16:52) Let’s get “techy” for a moment. This is going to help you almost immediately.
  • (18:17) The power of segmenting, but not in the way you may be doing it already.
  • (19:42) One of the things we do in our first email to help with engagement.
  • (20:19) The very best subject line Adrian has ever used. It’s insanely simple…and it works.

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