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Navigating Growth With Jonathan Cronstedt: Expert Answers to Your Questions
Episode 43630th June 2023 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Welcome to the Business Lunch Podcast with Roland Frasier, where industry leaders share their expertise and knowledge to help entrepreneurs thrive. In this episode, we bring you an engaging and insightful conversation between Roland Frasier and Jonathan Cronstedt.

Jonathan Cronstedt, the CEO and Chairman of The Cronstedt Company, brings over 20 years of experience in executive leadership, strategy, operations, and growth to the table. With a proven track record at the highest levels of business, Jonathan is a seasoned performer who has successfully navigated various stages of growth, scale, and exit.

As the former President of, a global SaaS platform, Jonathan possesses extensive insights into business growth and scalability. Additionally, he serves as the CEO of The Jonathan and Nicole Cronstedt Foundation, dedicated to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

 Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an experienced business professional, you'll gain valuable insights, advice, and strategies to elevate your own ventures.

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“Make sure it's something that's worth it and that you're excited about."

"The quality of people you have around you when you're asking important questions is the real difference-maker in business."

"If you do not have some type of leverageable asset, something that can grow exponentially outside of just your direct involvement, you're not going to create the life that you want."


00:00: Introduction

02:00: Jonathan’s Breakthrough 

08:06: A Decade Of Friendship 

15:04: A Personal/Individualized Journey 

19:42: Imposter Syndrom

26:42: Education Vs Experience

32:40: Patience 

35:50: Starting & Nurturing Relationships


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