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Why Punishments Don’t Work
Episode 1325th August 2021 • How Not to Screw Up Your Kids • Dr Maryhan
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If you’re anything like me, you have probably read a dozen books in an attempt to get your children to do more of what you ask. Why don’t they listen and do what we ask them to do first time and why is it so hard?!! 

Traditional books talk about discipline and punishment, which in my view only creates power struggles, battle-lines and confrontation and no-one wants these. In this episode I will explain why using an approach focused on consequences works each and every time, talk you through my simple do’s and don’t as well as showing you how to create routines and structure which work. 

Here are the highlights: 

{1:04} Our children are like buildings 

{5:30} Appropriate consequences 

{9:07} Random rewards 

{12:09} The talk through strategy 

{15:31} Let children be part of the decision-making process 

{21:28} Access the free resources 

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