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Episode 27: Beware the Slippery Slope of Compromise, For It Will Lead to Your Downfall w/ Bill Scott
6th April 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Bill Scott shares a deeply intimate story of how he erred in his thinking, and allowed his pride, not to mention a deep hurt not fully processed, to cause him to stray from what he knew was the right way to walk.

Bill reveals the exact moment he chose to forsake his conscience and give in to a deceptive mindset. His skewed rationale prevented him from heeding the sound counsel he received to change direction and avoid certain consequences.

The beauty of Bill's story is not just one of restoration but also how you can offer hope and comfort to others who are hurting.

We're grateful for Bill being willing to share his story, and we do so in hopes our listeners will perhaps be swayed in the right direction when they are on the edge of a slippery slope of compromise. With loving support and a commitment to make things right, restoration can be the outcome.

Ultimately, the comfort we seek in the wrong things is what we truly seek in Christ - and following Him will give us the true joy and the healing we seek.

In our conversation with Bill, you'll hear:

-Bill's history in Christian fundraising ministry...05:22

-Beware the slippery slope of compromise...07:30

-The root cause of "all of a sudden" making a tragic decision...10:00

-Dealing with giving up The Truth while working in ministry...12:00

-Why we ignore sound counsel when we're in the wrong...16:05

-How to lovingly confront someone who's living in error...17:10

-How to seek and find accountability...19:25

-The restoration journey...23:50

-The end result of being humbled by a loving God...29:05

-The biggest influencers in Bill's life...31:55

-What is one thing about Bill that no one else knows...34:04

About Bill:

Bill Scott has been fundraising for 35 years with non-profit organizations, having hosted, consulted and coached over 500 fundraisers in nearly every state in the U.S. plus internationally in the UK, New Zealand, Canada and Egypt. He has helped raise over $250 million in revenue.

Over his 37-year career in radio, Bill has been involved participating in and lau8nching successful media ministries such as Dawson McAllister Live, as well as running his own syndicated radio ministry, ZJAM Youth Ministries.

Bill is also a certified life coach in the area of leadership, executive, and stress management coaching.

He has written three books:

  • The Rock Your World devotional for teenagers
  • Red Tears, a book about self-harm and
  • The Day Satan Called

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