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How Codependency Can Sabotage Your Success With Vicky Wu
Episode 3111th May 2023 • The Empowered Wisdom Show • Molly MacCartney
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Want to use the power of your intuition to transcend self-doubt, fear, and dis-empowering relationship patterns... So you can live your best life without holding yourself back?

You’ve found the right place.

Welcome to the Empowered Wisdom Show!

My name is Molly MacCartney.

I'm an Intuitive Medium, author of the Amazon bestselling book Empower Your Wisdom, and the founder of The Empowered Wisdom School.

This show was created for for high achieving spiritual women who want to pursue a higher calling (and their bliss) without fear, doubt, and disempowering relationships holding them back…. by developing trust in their intuition and spiritual gifts.

Want to know how? Keep Listening.


Here's 4 Ways I Can Help Empower YOUR Wisdom For FREE:

1) Grab your copy of my Empower Your Life Workbook. It will help you honor your inner voice, make way for new visions, and live with intention. Get your copy today for FREE ($17 Value)


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4) At Empowered Wisdom Coaching we help intuitive, spiritual, and high-achieving women who feel dis-empowered by self-doubt and relationship patterns realize their power and go for what they want without holding back.

 If you’re ready to release doubt, fear, and dis-empowering relationships so you can follow your calling (and your bliss) the intuitive way... Book a call to see how I can help.



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