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Chapter 171. More is Less
Episode 17114th August 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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In the spirit of continuous personal development, and in recognition that every day is indeed a school day, I am in a position to reliably inform you that as far as TCD (sorry Lucy) is concerned 09:30 just doesn't work.

Confused, let me explain.

For reasons too numerous and mundane to mention, the recording slot for #171 had to be moved up to earlier in the morning. Not by much, just 30 minutes but lord, did it seem to make a difference.

I was dropping stuff in left, right and centre that wasn't really suitable for broadcast, so in the end we had to start again and mark the first 25 minutes as private - approved ears only.

Ant has managed to rescue some of it, so as a little patreon bonus he has included some of it after the credits.



P.S The wonderful Adam of Old Trafford is of course Adam Bostock. Sorry my friend, I am indeed a cabbage

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