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Level-up Engineering - Coding Sans EPISODE 25, 19th August 2020
One-on-One Meeting Guide: James Stanier (SVP of Engineering, Brandwatch)
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One-on-One Meeting Guide: James Stanier (SVP of Engineering, Brandwatch)

Avoid the rookie mistakes engineering managers and engineering leaders make at running one-on-one meetings. James Stanier, SVP of Engineering at Brandwatch, and author of "Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager" will teach you how to handle one-on-ones with both introverts, and people who complain all the time, along with many more tips and tricks.

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In this interview we're covering:

  • The goal of a one on one meeting
  • The ideal frequency of one on one meetings
  • One on one preparation tips for engineering managers
  • Handling challenging personalities
  • Documenting your one on ones
  • Critical feedback at one on ones
  • Common mistakes of engineering managers
  • Walking versus sitting one on ones
  • One on one meeting with a new team member
  • One on one meetings questions and topics
  • Doing one on ones with individual contributors vs managers
  • Preparing engineering managers to run one on ones
  • How direct reports should prepare for one on ones

Excerpt from the interview:

"Remember; venting to your manager is fine. Sometimes people get frustrated and need to blow off steam in a private setting. You should support this.

If it becomes a recurring thing though, it's your duty as a manager to turn this into constructive energy. In this situation, you rarely have anything to say; you're just listening to a frustrated person. Sometimes you try to turn the conversation in a positive direction, but they just vent more, and you end up getting frustrated yourself.

I’ve dealt with employees who were venting all the time. I’m a good listener, but it can backfire when I run into these people. The first time I had a team member doing this early in my management career, I had no idea what to do.

Many weeks went by until I finally said..."

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