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Ketchup Etiquette & Cats With Claws
Episode 611th May 2022 • No Stupid Answers • S Rank Media
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Questions This Episode

  1. Do residents of hot climates dream of moving to colder ones? (05:50)
  2. What’s the proper etiquette for using a gift card? (15:50)
  3. If men use the cologne to impress women, since the branding of these products tell us that women love that smell, why aren’t women using the men's cologne on themselves? (27:25)
  4. People who are interested in sports, how did you decide what team you supported? (36:15)
  5. If people consider declawing cats abuse then why do vets still do it? (46:25)
  6. Are my parents allowed to go through and confiscate my phone if I'm over 18, but they still pay for it? (55:00)
  7. How long do I have to be in a relationship before I can squirt ketchup directly into my mouth? (01:03:50)

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Video: Bod Body Spray Commercial

Video: Sex Panther Cologne (Anchorman)

Literature: Welfare Implications of Declawing of Domestic Cats

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