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What is the Job of a CEO
Episode 4430th March 2021 • Business School with Sharran Srivatsaa • Sharran Srivatsaa
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Now, more than ever, many people are deciding to become entrepreneurs and are calling themselves CEO. But what exactly is a CEO, and what does the title mean? There are other titles for CEOs, such as president or managing director. But what is the job of a CEO? It all boils down to only three things, according to venture capitalist Fred Wilson. That’s what Sharran will discuss in today’s episode. Stay tuned and find out what those three things are and why they matter.

“It is okay for you to say that you are the CEO if you’re willing to take full responsibility.”

 - Sharran Srivatsaa



00:00 A CEO must do only 3 things

01:14 What is the job of a child

05:07 What exactly is the job of a CEO

06:19 A CEO sets the vision and the strategy and communicates it

07:50 How do you paint the vision of the company

11:40 A CEO recruits and retains the best talent 

17:06 A CEO makes sure there’s always enough cash in the bank

20:51 What is the one thing you can do as a CEO to get better


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