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Are You Telling an Ugly Truth or a Gold-Plated Lie?
Episode 11315th November 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Have you ever told a lie? Maybe you have embellished the truth a little, maybe you said something to make yourself seem cooler than you were, to appear more successful, or maybe you have just outright LIED to avoid a fight. Whatever the reason, we’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. It can feel easier to LIE than to face the music head-on. But LYING does NOT keep you safe. It reaffirms to you that your TRUTH is not valuable. But it IS—even the ugly truth.

When we lie, we don’t always intend to HURT someone. People lie for a number of reasons, but the main motive is to run away from the TRUTH. But TODAY is the day to part ways with your lie, once and for all. In this episode, Joey breaks down 8 reasons why we lie and how to transition from telling those GOLD-PLATED LIES and start telling the UGLY TRUTHS. It is time to put your days of lying behind you. You can get BETTER, or you can get BITTER. Which one do you want?


In This Episode:

- Discover how the truth can sometimes feel like shackles

- Find out why EVERYBODY would prefer the ugly truth rather than a gold-plated lie.

- The truth does NOT hurt if it is delivered with kindness, tact, grace, and elegance. Here’s why…

- Joey shares why it is just as EASY to tell the TRUTH

- Learn how to part ways with your lies FOREVER

- Your EGO is not your AMIGO. Here’s why…

- Want to know where the lies come from? It’s here…

And much more…