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TAP: 206. What's going to happen to the real estate market in 2023? An interview with John Michailidis
Episode 2067th December 2022 • Top Agents Playbook • Ray Wood
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What started out as an everyday interview between an author and a podcaster, ended in a very frank and revealing discussion about the current property market, some interesting economic warning signs and perhaps, most importantly, one experienced investor's informed view as to what might happen in the year ahead and what real estate agents should be doing to build their war chest of investment opportunities going forward.

What's John's message?We don't get too far into our call when John reveals his true opinion about the banks (He calls the Banksters) and the faceless Wall Street investment giants that are pre-occupied with lining their own pockets with your money.

Instead, John advises to take the time to be aware of what's happing in the world. MAKE the time to read the Wall Street Journal or your local financial daily and study and follow the better and more reputable financial advisors who don't have a secret agenda to sway your thinking.

John finishes our call with a powerful message to his real estate brothers and sisters. He says that we work so hard to build wealth for our clients and often ignore or neglect the investment opportunities that will determine our ultimate wealth position.

John Michailidis, MSIRE, JD, is an attorney and entrepreneur with degrees in economics, international real estate, and law. As a young man he served with the U.S. Army as an 82nd Airborne paratrooper. With a career spanning 30+ years as a broker, property manager, author, educator, mentor, group investment sponsor, and coach he actively works with those interested in fortifying their futures, preserving their assets, and leaving a legacy that lasts.

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