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AI vs Creator: Pond5 vs AI Tools Soundful and Boomy
Episode 1113th July 2023 • Podcasting Resources Guide • Juergen Berkessel
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In today's episode, we'll cover AI based vs Human created tracks for podcasters and audio branding. We'll examine Soundful, Pond5, and Boomy's AI-powered platform for creating custom music.

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  • (00:27): "The Battle of Sound: AI-Generated Music vs. Artist-Created Tracks in Podcasting"
  • (02:38): Introducing Soundful: Revolutionizing Royalty-Free Music for Podcasts
  • (05:30): "Pond5: Your One-Stop Solution for Professional Podcast Audio Assets"
  • (09:25): Revolutionize Your Podcast with Boomy: AI-Powered Custom Music for Every Episode
  • (12:07): Outro


Welcome to the Podcasting Resources Guide podcast, where we explore the latest platforms, tools and techniques. In today's episode, we'll cover AI based vs Human created tracks for podcasters and audio branding. We'll examine Soundful, Pond5, and Boomy's AI-powered platform for creating custom music.

Ah, the conundrum of AI-generated music versus artist-created tracks hits the podcasting world. Let's dive into this fascinating topic since it surely has implications for us all.

On one side of the spectrum, we have AI-generated music - oh, the wonders of technology. It's like a bottomless well of tunes, churned out tirelessly by our ingenious artificial comrades. No artist tantrums, no intellectual property debates, just crisp, customizable tracks at the hassle-free click of a button. Brilliant for when you're trying to find the perfect jingle for your new episode, right?

In fact, we at Polymash can vouch for how time-efficient AI-generated music is. It adapts intuitively to your preferred style and theme, and bam! You have your unique soundtrack. Its customizable aspect is almost unparalleled, making it a tempting machinery charm for podcasters all over. And - I reckon this bit is quite the heart-stealer - it's often free or highly cost-effective compared to licensing a popular track.

But here's the flip side: it might lack that distinct, human touch. Yes, you have a custom jingle. Yes, it fits the theme, but will it connect with your listeners on an emotional level? Will it resonate with their moods, their thoughts, or their stories? Probably not as much as a track created by an actual, living and breathing artist.

Moreover, using artist-created tracks supports creators who are getting paid for their effort. That's crucial, folks. We at Polymash believe in building a community where all forms of creativity are recognized and rewarded. It’s actually a way of giving back to society, and not in a philanthropic sense, but in a capacity fostering a system that values creativity and effort.

Of course, there's the subject of cost. Acquiring the rights to a popular track can shake up your budget a tad bit. But hey, art has a price, and some would argue it's worth it!

To wrap this up, each option has its own charm. The choice between AI and real artists relies heavily on your podcast’s needs, budget, and values. Either way, remember that music, regardless of its source, has a profound way of setting the vibe and tone of your show. So, choose wisely, my podcasting comrades!

So, are you tired of searching high and low for the perfect background music for your podcast episodes? Let us introduce you to Soundful, the AI music generator that is here to revolutionize the way we find and use royalty-free tracks for our podcasts.

Soundful is on a mission to equip podcasters like us with high-quality, royalty-free music with just a click of a button. Yes, you heard it right - "Click. Create. Use." Their user-friendly platform allows you to explore and discover a wide range of AI-generated music that is perfect for capturing the essence of your podcast episodes.

We decided to give Soundful a test drive ourselves, and we were blown away by the sheer quality of the music it produces. The creators of Soundful have truly outdone themselves, and it's hard to believe that what we were listening to was AI-generated. The melodies are captivating, the beats are catchy, and the overall experience is simply amazing.

With Soundful, you can now introduce your next episode with an upbeat and energetic tune or set the mood with a soothing and calming melody for your guided meditation section. Whatever your podcast's aesthetic may be, Soundful has got you covered. Say goodbye to the days when you had to constantly worry about copyright infringement notices. Soundful's royalty-free approach gives podcasters like us the freedom to choose and incorporate music beds into our episodes without any added stress. It truly makes us feel like professional composers!

While we were thoroughly impressed by Soundful, we did have a couple of suggestions for further improvement. We felt that the platform could benefit from additional features, such as more templates to choose from or even the ability to upload existing music and have the AI generate something similar. Just imagine the possibilities! Another exciting addition would be the option to mix the AI-generated music with other sounds, such as the gentle lull of ocean waves. This would truly take the sound design of our podcasts to a whole new level.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves; we're just daydreaming here. The bottom line is that Soundful offers an easier and more accessible way to enhance the sound of our shows. We genuinely recommend it to our fellow podcasters. And the best part? It's affordable too! With their paid plan priced at only 29 dollars per year, which allows for 100 downloads per month, Soundful is truly music to our ears.

If you're intrigued and want to experience the symphony of AI-generated tunes yourself, head over to their website at You can explore the platform and find the perfect soundtrack for your podcast. And if you want more detailed information, feel free to check out our comprehensive review on the Podcasting Resources Guide, available at

Alright, fellow podcasters, let’s talk about a great artist powered solution for all of you creators out there. Have you heard of Pond5? It's a marketplace packed with over 16 million stock media assets, such as music, sound effects, footage, and images. And the best part? They're all royalty-free!

Pond5 is a fantastic resource for podcasters, offering a wide range of audio assets. One of the standout features is the royalty-free status of its vast library. That means you don't have to worry about copyright issues or licensing fees. And let's be honest, as podcasters, that's music to our ears, right?

Here at Polymash, we absolutely love Pond5's comprehensive search functionality. It's incredibly useful for finding the exact audio clips, music tracks, or sound effects you need for your episodes. There's nothing cooler than having high-quality, professionally-produced, and curated audio assets available on demand for your shows.

But what if you want to try out these sounds before committing to a purchase? Well, guess what? Pond5 has got you covered with their preview functionality! You can road-test those audio assets and make sure they fit perfectly with your podcasting style.

Now, let's dive into the topic of subscriptions. Pond5 offers a Pro Membership plan that grants you unlimited access to a curated collection of music tracks and sound effects for a monthly fee. Some might consider it a significant investment, but trust us, it's definitely worth considering for podcasters who are constantly on the lookout for fresh background music.

But here's a budget-friendly tip for you: if you're a podcaster on a tight budget, you can simply unsubscribe after a month of creating your audio branding. It's a great way to access the music you need without breaking the bank.

And here's something that truly sets Pond5 apart: their ethical approach. We at Polymash are big fans of platforms that prioritize fair compensation for contributors, and Pond5 definitely delivers in that regard. On this platform, contributors and musicians are paid more than on most other platforms. As consumers of creative content, it feels great to know that Pond5 supports and values its contributors.

platform was founded back in:

Let's talk about the flip side of the coin now. While Pond 5 offers a wealth of content, some may consider it a bit pricey, especially for podcasters on a tighter budget. However, we truly believe that the quality, breadth of content, and the platform’s ethical approach more than make up for the price tag. Investing in high-quality audio assets can truly elevate your podcast and give it a professional edge.

After taking Pond5 for a spin here at Polymash, we can confidently say that this platform is an amazing resource for podcasters looking for top-notch audio assets. From enhancing your podcast episodes with hand-picked music tracks and sound effects to alleviating your concerns about licensing, Pond5 truly adds an element of professionalism and peace of mind.

For more details about Pond5, make sure to visit their website at That's P-O-N-D followed by the number 5 dot com And don't forget to check out Polymash's Podcasting Resources Guide at for in-depth reviews on tools like these.

Alright, folks, in today's last segment I've got another exciting AI-powered solution to share with you . It's called Boomy, and let me tell you, this platform is a game-changer for us podcasters. Boomy is all about helping us produce our own tailored music for our shows, and it does that with the help of advanced AI-powered technology. It's like having your very own personal AI music composer, creating a unique soundtrack just for your podcast.

Say goodbye to generic background music, my friends, and say hello to custom-built soundtracks that perfectly embody your branding. Boomy allows you to create distinct music that sets your show apart from the rest.

Boomy's interface is intuitive, making it super easy for anyone to create music, regardless of their musical background. You can choose your desired genre, tweak the melody, adjust the tempo and style to match your podcast seamlessly. Leave all the technical stuff to the AI — all you need to do is provide feedback on the output, and the AI takes care of the rest, continuously learning and improving over time.

Now, let's talk about affordability. Boomy offers a cost-effective solution for podcasters of all budgets. You get 25 free songs to start with, and there's also a 9-dollar-a-month plan available. It's a much more pocket-friendly option compared to paying licensing fees for pre-made music. And once you've crafted your music masterpiece, transferring it to your podcast editing software or hosting platform is a breeze, thanks to Boomy's seamless integration capabilities.

Boomy can help us amplify our brand identity. Having unique and customized podcasting music not only resonates with our audience but also sets our shows apart from the rest. It's like giving your listeners a GPS that leads them straight to your brand's doorstep. It's powerful, my friends.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room. No tool is perfect, and Boomy does have a few limitations, particularly for advanced users who require detailed control over music composition. Since it's a relatively new platform, you may encounter some potential limitations or bugs every now and then. Also, while the AI-generated music is pretty impressive, it may not always perfectly match your specific podcast requirements to elevate our audio branding.

If you're curious and want to give Boomy a spin, head over to It's your ticket to an accessible and affordable way of creating personalized podcasting music, even if you don't have any prior musical experience. Trust me, your podcast's vibe will never be the same once you unleash the power of personalized music.

So, fellow podcasters, are you ready to transform your podcast's vibe with Boomy? Give it a shot and let the music take your show to new heights.

And as we hit our final note, remember folks, whether it's the latest AI wizardry or the stirring strums of a human artist, both have a unique rhythm to offer our podcasts. Who'll win the soundtrack showdown? We discussed the convenience and cost-effectiveness of AI-generated music for podcasts, explored Soundful's affordable and highly recommended AI music generator, delved into Pond5's marketplace for podcasters to find royalty-free human generated audio assets, and discovered Boomy's AI-powered platform to create custom music for enhancing podcast branding. There are of course many other options on our ... For example "Audio Jungle" comes to mind as being very similar to "Pond5". But I guess that's why we hope you'll jump over to our show notes, and explore the entire music and sound effects section of the Podcasting Resources Guide, for all the platforms we have collected over the years. That's the sweet symphony of suspense we live for. Until next time, keep those speakers buzzing!



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