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Kicking off our Cloud Audit
Episode 219th May 2023 • Beyond Net Zero Journey • Chloe Thomas
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It's time to start the next section of our Supplier Audit... and the new focus is The Cloud.

How are we going to tackle reducing the carbon footprint of our cloud storage?

Chloe's outlining her plan of attack, which includes tackling it in three distinct areas:

One - Storage

  • what files are we storing that we shouldn't be?
  • what files are unnecessarily stored in multiple places?
  • what processes can we put in place for the future to limit file duplication AND automate future deletion?

Two - Communication

  • Our 5 main channels are: Asana, Gmail, Squadcast, Streamyard, and Zoom...
  • Clear out past communications?
  • Reduce carbon footprint of ongoing communications.
  • Consider switching providers...

Three - Software

  • Are the cloud tools we're using helping us reduce our carbon footprint?
  • Or do we need to move?

Stay tuned for updates as we successfully tackle each one...

Thanks for listening.

If you've got comments, ideas, or suggestions on this or for a future topic please contact Chloe via LinkedIn

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