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Intergenerational Wealth Planning
Episode 77th October 2021 • The Practical Protection Podcast • Kathryn Knowles
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Hi everyone, this week we have Andy Woollon from Zurich joining us to talk about intergenerational wealth planning, and how protection insurance is a fundamental part of someone’s financial plan.

Following on from the recent Income Protection Task Force week, protection insurance and wealth planning feels like a natural mix. If you haven’t seen the sessions yet, check out Wealth Wednesday on YouTube, with Setul Mehta, Gemma Darcy, Victor Sacks, Mike Allison and Daniel Weaver.

The key takeaways:

  • The concept of using income protection to protect the bank of mum and dad.
  • The use of protection insurance when taking early pension drawdowns.
  • Using a cashflow model to show a client and yourself what can happen to the financial plan if income protection isn’t in place.

Next time Matt Rann will be joining me again and we will be focusing upon arranging insurance when you are living with lupus. There’s also a real need to make sure that you are very clear about whether the person you are speaking to has lupus or if they are a carrier of the gene, as it can really alter the insurances that will be available.

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If you want to know more about how to arrange protection insurance, take a look at my Protection Insurance in Practice course here.